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Group Therapy

Group therapy is offered for children to work on issues that are not easily addressed in individual therapy. Examples may include practicing social skills or carrying on conversations with others to combat shyness. For the past 4 years, Dr. Pender has provided social skills groups for children with anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, High Functioning Autism, and Asperger’s Disorder, ages pre-school through middle school to address a variety of different weaknesses commonly occuring for these populations.

Groups are held at the office after school for 1 hour sessions, once a week. Group sign up is on-going, which means there is no firm start or end date. Families pay on a weekly basis for group. Each week, a handout covering the topic covered that session is given to parents. There is also coordination from group to home through behavioral contracting. Finally, kids are served snack during group.

The first step to attending group is to schedule a first diagnostic interview to determine the appropriateness of group for your child.