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Schedule of Fees

Service Fee
First Diagnostic Interview $190
Subsequent Interviews or Therapy Sessions, (45 min) $160
Extended Therapy Sessions (60 min) $190
Therapy Sessions (30 min) $125
Group Therapy Sessions (60 min, includes snack) $90
Psychological Evaluation, per hour (includes time to score, analyze, and write report) $250
Co-Parenting Consultation $200
Phone Consultations (5 min or longer), per quarter hour increments $50
Email Consultations (sending or reviewing) 5 min or longer, per quarter hour $50
Additional Services performed on behalf of the client, per hour $200
Completion of any forms, per quarter hour increments $50
Late Cancellation (within 48 hrs), No Show Fees $160
Court Preparation and/or Testimony, per hour (Note: A retainer of $2000 is required at least 1 week in advance. Of this retainer, a minimum of $1000 is charged for court preparation and is NONREFUNDABLE) $250
Parent Coordinator Fees, per hour Note: requires a $2000 retainer, split $1000 per parent before services begin $200
Other services not listed above are Negotiable
Expedited Services requiring delivery at the last minute such as court testimony, document preparation, etc. , per hour $400