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Psychological Evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation may be recommended for your child by their pediatrician, teacher, or another professional in the community. Psychological evaluations are extensive diagnostic assessments that document a child’s current strengths and weaknesses. The results of an evaluation may be used by school to provide a child with appropriate level services (e.g., gifted placement or special education services), medical professionals frequently use the results to tailor treatment of ADHD, Learning Disabilities, or other issues that may be getting in the way of optimal functioning. Other professionals (e.g., coaches, therapists) may request this information to know what approach to use to best work with a child.

A typical psychological evaluation consists of two or three scheduled 2-hour testing sessions. During these sessions, your child will work one on one with Dr. Pender completing a wide range of activities designed to assess their current level of functioning across a variety of areas including intelligence, academic strengths and weaknesses, behavior, social, and emotional functioning. Once testing is complete, you will sit down for an interpretive session with Dr. Pender where the results of testing will be discussed in detail. At that time, you will also leave with a comprehensive psychological evaluation report.